Why mobility management?

Comprehensive mobility management is both cost-effective and in the true spirit of the ADA.  Strong Mobility Management empowers individuals to reach their maximum level of independence, while acknowledging that ADA paratransit services remain a necessity for some individuals. 

Mobility Management

Mobility Management is a customer focused approach to public transportation. A global look at the community and possibilities may include public transportation, community provided resources, volunteer programs, biking and walking - indeed all resources available in the community are considered to bring the traveler the most appropriate approach to meet their needs.


The best Mobility Management includes a full range or coordinated community mobility services.

Strong Mobility Management results is improved customer service and reduced special service costs. Excellent Mobility Management based in the community results in a win-win for all


The C.a.r.e. advantage to mobility management

C.A.R.E. management is uniquely qualified to both assist in the planning and coordination of Mobility Management and to implement a well-coordinated community approach. C.A.R.E.'s corporate team is experienced in and believes in bringing together sources that serve people with a wide range of both physical and cognnitive disabilities.  

C.A.R.E. expands transit to include the many community resources that service people with disabilities. Our corporate team has the experience of working with community resources to organize and communicate transportation options. C.A.R.E. brings together services for those with disabilities and transportation.

Because C.A.R.E. Evaluators understands the needs of those with disabilities, C.A.R.E. is in a unique position to promote synergy between services and transit.

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