Education and Training


Transit organizations who conduct their own paratransit evaluation and mobility management work with a C.A.R.E. consultant to build and improve their program.

Individual and Small Group Education to Fit Your Needs

  • Understanding the FTA Circular & ADA Paratransit Requirements

  • Reviewing and Understanding Your Current Paratransit Plan

  • Techniques of Making a Complete Paratransit Determination

  • Practical Implementation of Paper Application Eligibility

  • How to Interpret a Paper Application for an Accurate Determination

  • How to Conduct a Comprehensive Phone Interview

  • How to Conduct an Efficient In-Person Functional Test

  • How to Implement an In-Person Eligibility Process

  • Practical Physical Functional Testing

  • Applying Cognitive Functional Testing

  • Conducting an Interview - Intensive Practicum

  • Understanding Medical Verification Information and How it Applies to a Paratransit Evaluation

  • What to Look for when Performing Internal Quality Review

  • Quality Review as Ongoing Program Improvement

  • Implementation of an Auto Renewal Program

  • Customer Service: Stressors for People with Disabilities, their Families, and Caregivers