In-Person Functional Testing Provides the Most Accurate Determination

Evaluation may include both an interview and functions testing.  

Since not all disabilities are visible, both physical and cognitive disabilities are evaluated.

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Not all disabilities are visible...

In-Person Functional Testing provides the most accurate determination.

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Reducing Transportation Costs through Reliable Determination.

Accurate determinations are vital since granting eligibility only to those who truly need it protects the paratransit program by containing costs. 

Investment in a strong evaluation process maximizes savings in transportation costs.

best practice in eligibility

C.A.R.E. programs were sited in the 2015 TCRP – Synthesis 116 [1] report as examples of best practices for paratransit eligibility programs throughout the United States. 


[1] Burkhardt, Jon E., Developing regional mobility management centers. Transportation Research Board, 2012,